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Students often dread the last weeks of school: they're tired from having to work all year, the stress from finals is approaching, and summer vacation is close, but not close enough. To help you out, here are a few tips you can follow to survive the last weeks of school and finish your school year strong.

How to Finish School Strong

Don't Neglect Your Health

Yes, you're pressed for time, but not eating or sleeping well can actually impact your academic performance. Be sure to eat nutritious foods and to rest enough so you have enough brain power to do your best.

Create a Schedule

Speaking of being pressed for time, to be able to fulfill all of your school duties without sacrificing your health, you will have to plan your time effectively. Create a schedule where you set a time frame to complete each task in, and stick to it!

Wait to Make Summer Plans

It may be hard for you to focus on studying when you're so excited about summer. However, spending time planning your summer can hurt your grades. Focus on working now, so you can enjoy your summer later on.

Stay Focused on Your Studies

While we're on the subject of focusing on your school duties, remember to do so if you get invited to end-of-the-school-year parties or other social gatherings. It may be tempting, but you still have responsibilities to carry out.

Calculate Your Final Grades

Before you get your report card, it may be a good idea to calculate your grades. On the one hand, finding out you're doing great can give you peace of mind; on the other, if there's a subject you're struggling with, you'll be able to take note and work harder on it.

Ask for Extra Credit

If you're missing a few points in order to get your grades to where you want them to be, you should ask your teacher to give you extra assignments. Completing them successfully will help you have a strong end to your school year.

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